The Difference Between Web Hosting and Website Builders

Web hosting and website builders are two different types of services that new website owners often need, and each offers something unique. Web hosting hosts both websites and website builders, but by its definition is incapable of creating a website. A website builder does not host a website so that consumers can access it on the Internet. Rather, it houses the tools and parts needed to create that website, allowing the user to create.

Website builders are generally intuitive, even for beginners. They include pre-designed website templates you can choose from, so you're not building a website from scratch. Website builders also allow you to determine the number of pages you create, the structure of your site, and the menus you configure to make it easier to navigate the site. Web design isn't just about how beautiful a website looks, it's also important to think about the best way to design the user experience.

A good online website builder also helps you understand that part. The reason for opting for a website builder instead of a graphic designer or trying to create a website from scratch is largely a matter of ease of use. Website builders are designed with beginners in mind. The goal is to make it intuitive for someone to design a website the first time they sit down to use the website builder, without having to waste time reviewing training resources.

Now that you know the basic definition of each, you understand that web hosting and website builders are two completely different things. So why do they sometimes get confused? It makes the design much easier than if you had to make changes using code. In addition, the website editors of most modern website builders allow you to make changes, such as adding images and changing colors, through intuitive menus that work in a similar way to those you already know in other computer programs. If you're creating a simple, personal website that's just for friends and family, it's okay.

But if you want your website to look legitimate and professional, you'd better opt for one of the many affordable website builders on the market. The simple answer is that you'll need web hosting if you want to be online. A web hosting provider offers you the online space (server space) to store the files (content and images) that make up your website. Web hosting space is usually purchased on a subscription basis and your site is available as long as you are “renting” server space.

Although domain names and web hosting are often purchased together, they're actually two different things. A domain is an “address” on the Internet while hosting is the “land or space” where your website files live. But the ideal is a hosting provider that knows how to manage their servers so that the amount of time your website is unavailable is so minimal that your visitors never notice. Web hosting is the service of providing and maintaining the physical servers where all the files that make up a website are located.

The promotional rates apply to the GATOR, Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress and Reseller hosting plans and will be automatically renewed after the initial period at the regular rate found in your control panel. If you don't have a domain “pointed” to your hosting account, you can access it with a string of numbers in an IP address. In this post, we'll explain the difference in more detail and give you some tips for getting started with domain names and web hosting. A domain is essential for any website project, whether you choose a hosting company or combined services.

Web hosting: an account on a computer (also known as a server) that can store and serve website files over the Internet. The quality of your web hosting and the choice of the right web hosting plan for your website needs directly influence the speed of the website. You need both to create a website: your domain name is the permanent address of your website on the Internet and your web hosting is the engine that powers your website. A web hosting company is a company that has a bunch of pre-configured servers that it leases with different options.

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